Massimiliano Campanile tells us the latest Coppola tendencies for this season

When Massimiliano Campanile receive us in his apartment for the interview, we find him absorbed in reading a wraparound novel: "You Are My Destiny," written by Giovanni Cucci and Lucia De Paola Piera. A thriller that tells the story of a commissioner, Edoardo Tarantino, tough and seemingly indestructible, whose shell seems to melt, however, when in the course of the investigation, Jean enters his life, a young man involved in a terrible crime, making him tremble like a teenager the first love. This forces him to deal with the unmentionable secret that preserves within himself for too long: his homosexuality. The approach to life of Massimiliano Campanile appears inevitable. Like the protagonist of the novel, he had to face many obstacles, having the beginning lived his homosexuality as a hardship and discomfort. "Sometimes it is difficult to accept themselves because of social stereotypes and prejudices that force people to hide, to conceal his identity. Only with time ", he confesses this designer extraordinary humanity," I learned to accept it without shame in respect of others. " A private life, therefore, marked by the difficulty to establish itself in a seemingly open and emancipated society. But the rewards, however, are not lacking, and came also and above all from the professional sphere: Massimiliano Campanile is one of the greatest hairstylists, known and appreciated throughout Italy. Its halls are the only ones to claim the Coppola brand, through which long dominated the Italian sector of haute couture and fashion. A great hair stylist today tells us the latest exciting trends for autumn-winter 2016/2017. "The forms will be floating; women seem contemporary goddesses, intriguing, enlightened, sensual. One that inhabits this universe is a timeless beauty, perfect and immaterial. The scaling will be important, with elongated proportions. Always fashionable fringes, free to be interpreted on every face. This year marks the average length rematch. But not only. Space also short cuts from the natural charm that, without forcing and constraints, want to suggest fluidity ". Such as the latest news in terms of colors and hairstyles?
"High demand FREE'sBE, the new color accessory that creates microlight effects where light and shade blend, outlining new transparencies that illuminate the woman. high chignon that rotate around themselves, loose hair and a bit ' "messy" for a look at Courtney Love but much more refined. The 40's style is revisited to create a more sophisticated personality; the shape is constructed through scrolls that are intertwined with one another; structure "to egg 'befits the style women. gold accessories, silver and illuminated by Swarovski crystals to enhance the beauty and femininity of customers. Women, after all, they tell themselves interpreting fashion not only on the catwalk but also the street ". Space, therefore, the imagination and the fantasy. Because, to give a unique look and winning, it is not enough high professionalism and excellent knowledge of the techniques but it takes passion and love. That passion with which Massimiliano Campanile "has realized the most important things in his life." Greater awareness and a strong determination have made him not only an accomplished and esteemed entrepreneur but, above all, a great man, an example to follow for those who want to live without shadows, embarrassment and suffering. A reference, then, for those who simply choose to be a man free from constraints. "In life there is a wonderful dignity, hidden in the strength you need not to compromise; an expensive but essential dignity. " Time, after all, always reveals that even a disheveled hair makes the difference.

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