Casa di Cura San Michele: technological innovation, comfort and safety for patients care

An example of excellence in the panorama of Italian healthcare: the Nursing Home “San Michele” is a guarantee on the quality of healthcare, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. In over sixty years, the health facility of Maddaloni has invested heavily in technological innovation, becoming one of the best performing centers of Italy, thanks to cutting-edge technology and continuous training activity. The commitment and professionalism lavished by all the health technical staff have allowed an important development and a health exponential growth in supply, which is currently targeted at regional and national patients. The hybrid operating room, opened last October, is an example of excellence, creating the basis for the competition with the few structures in Italy engaged in cutting-edge methods for interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery interventions in the treatment of valvular heart disease and of aorta in its entirety. The use in the room of a 3D video column improves the visual approach in minimally invasive surgical treatment of the mitral valve. “Rhythmia”, the revolutionary device for 3D cardiac mapping owned from the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, has been recently installed. It is a highly innovative tool able to open new avenues to the ablation of cardiac interventions for the treatment of complex arrhythmias. Precisely because of the many excellent results achieved in health care, the nursing home of Maddaloni receives numerous awards over the years. Among them, the license plate of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Campania. This recognition confirms the professionalism of health workers of the company, among the very few to experience a whole new management model: the “complete management” of the patient, supported by innovative instruments and more and more advanced technologies, as well as by free prevention events designed to offer a multitude of services and diagnostic opportunities for citizens. (

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