Art and technology

“Art and technology” is an important project, strongly backed from A.N.A.M. of Naples to make extraordinary the field of hair styling. Specific mixed technical skills mixed with a high creative spirit create the basis for a significant multisensory path aimed at a high quality service offered to successful hairdressers who wish to increase their know-how making it extraordinary. Since the hairdresser tomorrow must first be an important manager and must be able to manage in a  very competitive professional activity, at the base of Art and Technology project there are a number of seminars aimed not only to the teaching of specific technical skills but also to management and communication methods. Join the group thus becomes the trump card for those who want to reach important goals. Art and Technique is the project lead by A.N.A.M., an important Academy which brings together successful hairstylists interested in the fashion of tomorrow. The A. N. A. M. has become over time an important landmark in the sector thanks to the professionalism, creativity and tenacity of highly qualified teachers and the continuous updating of educational content. How not to mention the creativity, professionalism and talent of people like President Antonio Coscia and teacher Pietro Colantuono (area manager and competitions responsible) and the teacher Angelo Coscia (courses director), a high profile management of success.


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