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Google fires employee who defended tech gender gap

Internet giant Google has fired the male engineer at the center of an uproar in Silicon Valley over the past week after he authored an internal memo asserting there are biological causes behind gender inequality in the tech industry.

UN Syria investigator quits over lack of ‘political will’

A member of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria said on Sunday she was quitting because a lack of political backing from the U.N. Security Council had made the job impossible, Swiss national news agency SDA reported.

Venezuela crisis boils over as Maduro foes seek to block new assembly

Venezuela is headed for a fresh showdown as President Nicolas Maduro prepares to inaugurate a powerful new "Constituent Assembly" on Friday, with his opponents vowing massive protests and state prosecutors seeking to block him in court.

French parliament approves Macron’s labour reforms

France's parliament on Wednesday adopted a bill allowing the government to fast-track changes to the labour code, the first major reform of Emmanuel Macron's presidency which aims to slash unemployment.

After weeks of at times heated debate between lawmakers, the Senate approved

On ‘death row’ at the hands of Trump’s deportation drive

At a detention centre somewhere in Ohio, a man with no criminal record is locked behind bars, waiting to find out if he will be issued what he believes is a death sentence at the hands of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant drive.

Passchendaele, 100 years on: Remembering the soldiers who ‘died in hell’

The battle of Passchendaele began on July 31, 1917, near Ypres in Belgium and ended on November 6 of that same year. For the British, the battle became a symbol of the senseless slaughter of World War I.



Dealing a serious blow to President Donald Trump's agenda, the Senate early Friday rejected a measure to repeal parts of former President Barack Obama's health care law after a night of high suspense in the U.S. Capitol.

Unable to pass even a so-called "skinny repeal," it was unc

US LGBT activists hit back at Trump’s transgender military ban

Most LGBT-rights activists never believed Donald Trump's campaign promises to be their friend. But with his move Wednesday to ban transgender people from military service, on top of other actions and appointments, they now see him as openly hostile.

Leaders of major advocacy grou

Can Macron’s Libya talks deliver anything more than a photo op?

French President Emmanuel Macron will host talks on Tuesday between Libya’s UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and his main rival, General Khalifa Haftar, in a landmark meeting all three are hoping to benefit from.

Officials at the Elysée Palace say  1 2 34