Michele Sarno: story of a successful barrister

Tenacity, determination and a high level of skill are the keys to the professional success of the lawyer Michele Sarno, an exemplary professional who has accumulated countless court successes during his lucky career. The Prince of the Campania forum was recently re-elected to the rank of President of the Criminal Chamber of Salerno, an integral part of the most important category association for the protection, training and promotion of criminal lawyers. He has attended to numerous television broadcasts at Rai and at other national networks, including The Arena of Massimo Giletti, who attended as a lawyer of a fired employee to discuss the absentee scandal at Ruggi.

How was your passion for the forensic profession born?
“It’s a dream I’ve grown since I was a kid, and he never abandoned me. A passion that exploded in me when I started listening to the story of Alfredo De Marsico, the greatest penal lawyer of all time and minister of justice in the Mussolini government. At just four years, listening to my uncle telling the story of this illustrious barrister, I started to cultivate the desire to embark on this career. Thanks to the sacrifices of my parents, I began my studies in Law and, shortly after graduating with the highest marks, I started practicing forensics”.

Why do you love this profession?
“The lawyer is a “constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights guardian”. Once I settled in the Presidency of the Criminal Chamber in Salerno, I tried in every way to raise the status of a lawyer at national level. A fascinating figure, precisely because it protects the liberty of others, which should surpass the sublime ages of the past”.

Can you talk about your professional experience?
“Without going into detailed accounts of these long career years, I can say that I have participated in numerous thickness processes: tangentopoli, the Torre murder, the so-called dirty tile process. I was in Colombia with the anti-mafia district headed by the National Anti-Mafia Attorney to hear the interrogations of my assistant, investigated for the murder of Mayor of Pollica, Angelo Vassallo. A murder still unresolved. I have taken part in processes of particular importance and significance also abroad and I have therefore interfaced with different legal jurisdictions from the Italian one. Advocacy is a profession that raises my emotions: passion and pride to have the privilege of defending the rights of others; perseverance in battles; joy for the achievement of the results for which I stubbornly fought; disappointment for those in the lobby does not perceive the beauty of this profession and does everything to discourage future generations to embark on it. I believe that young people have to be spared. It is necessary, however, to preserve the quality of an extraordinary profession at all costs by focusing on training, the only true wealth of a country. The problems of justice are not related to the number of lawyers, but to the delays, to the lengths and the slowness of the process of an elephant and cumbersome system”.

What can be done in concrete to make justice faster?
“We pay the shred of imperfect democracy (as Churchill said) and a legislative power that is held by people very often lacking the right skills to legislate. Legislation, to be adherent to reality, must be simple and clear. The problems of justice can be solved by issuing fewer norms, accelerating approval times and simplifying existing ones. And then there is the delicate theme of the separation of careers between judicial function and requiring function: to have a process that must be fair, it is necessary for the PM not to have done the same career as the judge. The separation of careers is one of the preconditions for parity of the parties, sanctioned by art. 111 of the Constitution. Only an equidistant judge can guarantee a real contradiction and verify, without prejudice, the validity of the various arguments raised by the accusation and defense”.

Why did you decide to tell his story?
“Being a child of simple people, not tied to the world of advocacy, and having been fortunate to achieve extraordinary and unimaginable goals, I would like to be a stimulus and example for so many young people who start from scratch and are disheartened. Erroneously tends to believe that success is the exclusive prerogative of certain families or certain powers. But is not so. You just have to have the courage to fight for your own ideas and for your dreams. I did it and I won an important battle. One of the many things that has enriched my life”.


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