Network Contacts, an Italian excellence

Technology and innovation, talents enhancement and quality of services offered: these are the strengths of Network Contacts, one of the leading Italian ITC players specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and in developing innovative CRM and Digital Interaction software technologies. Born in 2001 at Molfetta, over the years, this extraordinary reality with offices in Puglia, Rome and Milan, which now has about 3000 employees, has succeeded in affirming itself in the Italian market, alongside public and private companies as partner, to offer excellent services and innovative Customer Relationship Solutions. How Marco Borghese, vice president and Chief Strategy Officer of the company, explains us: “We are in the era of proliferation of channels and contact moments between the company and a more informed customer, with greater comparing ability and eager for personalized relationships. For us, Customer Experience, Engagement and Digital are the key words that drive our every action. We always invest in technological, organizational and process innovation. We have identified some areas of strategic interest to focus on R&S programs entrusted to a dedicated team of researchers alongside the excellence of the academic world. One of these is represented by the technologies and applications of Artificial Intelligence (IA) systems: BOT and Virtual Assistants are a technological trend in the BPO sector because business models and customer relationship dynamics evolve into a more and more world digital and customer oriented.”

Are these technologies a substitute for human intervention?
“Only partially. While not having the amplitude of human cognitive abilities, the IA can certainly solve complex problems in specific areas of action. Our approach provides for convergence between the excellent skills of our people and the amazing opportunities that the AI ​​has to expand knowledge management. In other words, in order to exploit the great potential of technology, we focus on the collaboration between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Our philosophy is simple: Customer’s centrality means the centrality of the Person. Technological innovation for us is the extraordinary tool that enables the redefinition of operational processes and the development of new digital services by enhancing talents and competencies.

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