Founded in March 2007 by the merger of the professional experiences of its founding members, IGB Consulting is a large company specializing in the management of credit for public and private debtors. To understand the dynamics of this great corporate reality, we interviewed dr. Giuseppe Bennici, the company’s sole administrator.

What kind of services does IGB Consulting offer? Can you talk in detail?
IGB Consulting offers high added value services for its clients in the field of consulting, financial management and legal assistance to companies. Its ten-year experience in managing public and private credit has enabled the company to become a leader in the field. The company offers to its clients a wide range of integrated services ranging from invoice issuance (now electronic) to the verification of the settlement of receivables from debtors, to reconciliation of payments and collection service, with the assistance, where necessary, of legal and judicial activity. In July, IGB, always focused on the needs of the market, created a new business division: IGB & Partners Srl, specializing in the management of “impaired loans”. A lean, dynamic and efficient structure, able to handle both Unsecured and Secured Unsecured Loans (NPL) and a particular category of atypical credits, the one that is in the world of the sale of the fifth. IGB Consulting also offers consultancy services in the area of ​​business management and finance. Thanks to the experience gained, the company is able to assist its clients in extraordinary finance transactions both in the Merger&Acquistion and Capital Raising activities. No less relevant its outsourcing skills, which thus allow for simplification of the internal organization of companies: electronic invoicing, revenue management, documentary and substitute storage, bank backing, financial and insurance activities, contact center services (inbound and outbound), data entry services. IGB Consulting can also offer internationalization services. Thinking today, it means assessing its potential in terms of world consumption demand, weighing on the difficulties faced by competitors on the global market, and therefore also considering the amount of resources that the market as a whole makes available to companies.
IGB Consulting through its lawyers also carries out legal assistance and debt recovery, both in the out-of-court and judicial form, with activities ranging from a judgment of cognition to execution and to the possible judgment of compliance with the administrative court. The company is equipped with a modern and efficient IT platform (IGB Net) where data on managed credit positions are stored.

What are the company’s strengths in relation to competition?

Specialization, staff training in relation to the various services offered, the capillary presence across the country, the use of state-of-the-art and ever-evolving computer platforms. Further implementations of the IT platform were planned for next year.

What are the benefits for companies that are turning to IGB Consulting?

Firstly, it is possible to have tailor made services structured on the specific needs of the customer. But also the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of outsourcing services carried out by a company that is integrated with the customer’s business.

What position does IGB Consulting occupy in the reference market?

In view of the volume of credits managed in these years of activity, the growing turnover and the results obtained, we can no doubt assert that IGB Consulting is, in the reference market, the leading company in a constantly evolving industry.


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