Violence and conflict in the bonds of love

According to the “Word Report on Violence and Health” of the World Health Organization, the domestic violence is a widespread phenomenon that affects any form of psychological, physical and sexual abuse exercised to emotionally control a person who is part of the family. We deal with about this delicate topic with Dr. Elisa Caponetti, psychologist of the evolutionary and legal age, couple and family psychotherapist (offers counseling in case of separation, divorce and reliance), Technical Consultant of the Tribunal, Coordinator of Forensic Psychological Order Of Lazio.

Dr. Caponetti, what is meant “domestic violence”?
“Domestic violence is a complex phenomenon that includes a multitude of criminal acts that are perpetrated within a family context such as sexual abuse, physical assault, threats of aggression, intimidation, stalking and psychological violence. It can also be shaken through economic control, used as a power affirmation on the other. It includes all those acts of violence between partners, where there is an aggressor and a victim. It should not be confused with the conflict that can often be present within a couple relationship. Indeed, the maltreatment of the conflict is distinct. Violence can be either the expression of a conflicting relationship, but in this case it is agitated by either partner, or by a single maltreating subject, to the detriment of the other”.

What to do in case of violence?
“To be aware that this is a very varied phenomenon, often difficult to recognize in its more subtle and seemingly less visible forms. Even today, not everyone has the power to denounce it. Not only for shame, psychological and fearful prostration, but also because sometimes the victim is not fully aware of what happens or thinks he or she is responsible for activating certain acts, thus justifying his own executioner. They may come into play guilty of guilt. Getting out of the spiral of violence is possible but, for the many dynamics in play, it is extremely difficult. You have to break the silence and turn to specialized professionals. Nobody should not underestimate the situations of crisis and coup conflict and the phenomena of false abuses and violence. More and more often, lately, there are criminal complaints about the partner or the younger children who activate with the request for a separation. It is therefore extremely important to be helped to avoid a normal conflict, degenerate into an unmistakable contrast and bloody excesses unfortunately full of contemporary black chronicles”.

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