The Equal Institutes M.M. Kolbe: an excellence for over 30 years

The Equal Institutes M.M. Kolbe di Nola, in the province of Naples, represent one of the oldest school institutions in the Nola area. Promoters of a centuries-old pedagogical tradition, for over 30 years work to offer highly qualified students training courses and retraining courses. At the top of the school plexus there is a bold and determined woman, Filomena Napolitano, who illustrated the training offer of the Institute that she directs. “We are proud to have recorded a significant increase in subscribers in recent years who have shown interest in our work, based on an absolute educational offering and on the quality of education that our students achieve. We welcome a significant number of professors, about sixty, who, with abnegation, extreme professionalism and a high sense of duty, guide students in their training course.A well-structured path that provides a work plan based not only on a horizontal vision of pupils’ growth, but also above all on a vertical dimension that allows, through research and exchange of experiences and knowledge, to plan and carry out didactics experimentation of up-to-date teaching methodologies and attentive to the continuous transformations of cognitive and learning processes”. The Equal Institutes M.M. Kolbe has three study addresses, aimed at pre-service training, both for continuing studies and for entering the business world:

  • Economic Technical Institute – Administration of Finance and Marketing
  • Technical Institute – Articulation Corporate Information Services
  • Professional Institute for Healthcare Services
    The school complex also offers the possibility to retrieve from one to four years of schooling in the same year, through fitness tests that can be borne by both internal pupils and private candidates.

What is the mission of the Equal Institutes M.M. Kolbe?
“One of our priority goals is surely to increase student confidence, motivation, knowledge, skills and skills through targeted lessons and courses in a qualified context in which to develop human, social, and cultural relationships. Contributing to the impeccable formation of these young people is our duty, because only with proper training these tomorrow’s men will have the chance to succeed in life”. Moreover, education and training are known to be the most powerful weapons that can be used to improve the world.


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