Doctor Who’s Pearl Mackie wants to be next James Bond

As fans speculate over whether the new Time Lord will be a woman, she thinks it’s time for a change for 007, too.

Pearl, who plays Bill Potts in the sci-fi show, said: “I’d like to play James Bond. And I’ll be James not Jane

“If I can be called Bill in Doctor Who then I can be called James.”

Pearl, 29, has been a theatre actress for the past six years having starred in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Crucible.

However, this is her first big TV role.

It is rumoured she will only be in Doctor Who for one season and will depart at Christmas when Peter Capaldi bows out.

But she hopes this will be her springboard in to new things. She added: “Theatre, TV, film – I’d like to do everything. Just throw it at me.

“For me it’s about playing characters with depth and interesting stories to tell.”

Fans will meet Bill in the series opener The Pilot this weekend.

Show runner Steven Moffat says the character is nothing like previous Tardis companions such as Clara Oswald or Amy Pond.

He said: “She is very different.”

● The show starts on BBC One, Saturday, at 7.20pm.

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