We think Miss looks lovely’: Schoolchildren come to defence of teacher ‘suspended for sultry selfies

Schoolchildren have come to the defence of their teacher after reports she was suspended for a ‘sultry’ selfie she posted to Facebook.

Pupils allegedly filmed Lydia Ferguson as she was reprimanded by senior teachers and escorted off the school premises to start her suspension.

The children at Ousedale secondary, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, said the mother-of-three was under fire for posting the selfie, below, to Facebook.

The pupils started petition called “Get Miss Ferguson Back” and had more than 250 signatures on Wednesday night with some of them coming from parents.

The petition has now been taken down.

One youngster said: “There is nothing wrong with the photo at all.

“We think Miss looks lovely.”

Another posted “She is a brilliant teacher.

Teenage pupils at a secondary school have rushed to defend one of their teachers after she was suspended for posting a  provocative  pose selfie on social media

“She is there to help students who have problems like bullying and stuff.

“She does so much to help us and we’re so upset she’s been suspended.

“Not a single person thinks there is anything inappropriate about it.”

And another pupil wrote: “All it was showing was a bit of leg.”

Headteacher Sue Calbert told the Milton Keynes Citizen: “If we have any concerns about a staff member, this would not be discussed with students.

“We are aware of rumours but conclusions are being drawn which have no factual basis.”

When contacted by the Telegraph for further information, the school gave no comment.


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