KyLua: recognized Made in Italy quality

Conveniently located in the center of Pompei (Via Parroco Federico 49), Salus Nails & Beauty is a well-known beauty center created to meet the needs of those who wish to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation, pampered by a warm, enveloping and highly qualified staff. A wide range of treatments from which you can benefit of this wonderful beauty temple. A Veronica Anastasia Spinelli, strong and determined woman who directs the center for years with passion and professionalism, we asked to tell us about nails treatments.
What products do you use for nail care?
“For manicure and pedicure Salus Nails & Beauty uses only KyLua products, company leader in the production of gel nails and UV and semi-permanent LED nail polishes (soak-off). An Italian brand universally praised for the high quality of its products, strictly certified and conform to European standards, nickel-free and methacrylic acid free”. The company, founded in 2002, has grown steadily and achieved popularity over time: all products made in Italy, high-performance, represent the excellence in the nail industry. The innovative production processes and the study of new composite allow the continuous renewal of lines of UV/LED gel products and the constant expansion of the range of colors, always in step with new trends.
What’s the latest news this year?
“It ‘s more and more semi-permanent nail polish craze, but the latest news this year include:1. The Manicure 2.0, the manicure in its most updated version that provides for the wise use of the micromotor for a sign of regrowth delayed and lacquering long life.2. The exceptional Filler (Base 2) with which you can correct and even make a slight bulge, on the uneven surface of the natural nail, making them perfect and ensuring a UV/LED nail polish service beautiful and durable.

For this Italian giant is fundamental the constant training. “As operator of the beauty industry play a very important role in people’s lives”, yet asserts Veronica Anastasia Spinelli. “My duty is therefore to improve day after day my know how and my skills by taking advantage of the training opportunities that KyLua offers to its operators. KyLua has in fact a single mission: create higher quality products, to propose and ensure the best working method.

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