Medical Pontino, an all-Italian excellence

Quality in the healthcare for a healthcare quality

Medical Pontino is an Italian excellence company. For more than thirty years at the top of the specialist diagnostics and outpatient clinic industry, the company immediately distinguished itself for the high quality, the reliability and the completeness of its services. Strong also with a technologically advanced and constantly updated technology, over the years Mediacal Pontino has expanded and diversified its offering, transforming itself from a simple laboratory analysis into a multidisciplinary polyambulator. The author of this extraordinary metamorphosis, Elio Chiavetta, with a senior executive in N.A.T.O., now retired, since 1999, he has taken over the majority of the company and become the Chief Executive Officer of Medical Pontino Srl.
Today, the center, in the new headquarters of Via Custosa in Latina, is structured on 800 square meters, has 17 employees and has the collaboration of 40 specialist doctors. In a few years, the company has been able to impose its leadership in an increasingly selective market and gain user confidence: around 25,000 people a year go through the new laboratories, confirming the high levels of customer satisfaction.The company vision, based on total quality management logic (strongly supported by Healthcare Director Antonio Tranquilli as well as by Giampietro Ciancaglini, Luciana M. Sciaudone and Luciano Morza respectively oncologist and gynecologist, laboratory director and radiology technician) is in fact oriented to the full customer satisfaction through an offering focused on high quality services provided by professionals with recognized capabilities.

What services can you use at your center?
Proudly states Gianni Chiavetta, General Manager of Medical Pontino: “In our laboratories, we can perform the most varied clinical analyzes: from laboratory tests (traditional, microbiological, cytogenetic, histocytological and toxicological) to image diagnostics (ecocolordoppler, MOC DEXA method, ultrasound, MRI and digital mammography) to specialist screening. Our center, in addition to the contracted clinical analysis and radiography services, has a wide range of specialists in 24 branches of undoubted importance, including cardiology, urology, gynecology and orthopedics”.

What are your strengths versus the competition?
“The quality of services made available at affordable prices, to help the poorer families in particular, and the high professionalism of the operators who, in other words, contribute to the provision of these services. Human resources are the true strength of our company not only for the high technical-scientific preparation but also for the humanity with which they approach the patients. Among the various excellences stand out the names of Dr. Enrico Mariani, radiology director; Dr. Stefano Falpo, technical director of RMN; Dr. Cristina Pane, referent of the gynecology department; Dr. Veronica Leggeri, director of the slimming center and Dr. Raffaele Cotrone, technical director of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Moreover, our company is the only one in the province of Latina to carry out the home-based radiology service, born to meet the needs of an increasing number of patients.
Home technology is the same technology used in the outpatient clinic: our equipment is capable of delivering high-quality images that are comparable to those in hospital, which, together with the expertise of our staff, provide excellent service. The crown of the structure is the Trombosis Center, the only one in the province of Latina. Affiliated from the 2007 to the Federation of Therapeutic Centers for Thrombosis and Antithrombotic Therapy Surveillance (F.C.S.A.), directed by Dr. Silverio Guarino and assisted by Dr. Pietro Falco, the Center carries out laboratory and clinical surveillance of patients in Oral Anticoagulant Therapy (TAO); an effective therapy that allows to control, in a controlled and reversible way, the blood coagulation to obtain maximum protection from thromboembolic accidents. Over the next few years, the Weight Loss Center will be enhanced. There, thanks to a scientific approach, with the help of innovative technology equipment and a multidisciplinary medical staff, the patient can find the right weight form safely.


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