Sigvaris, the manufacturer world’s leader of medical compression stockings

Chronic venous disease is a disorder that affects the blood circulation of the body and occurs when the veins stop working properly, gradually losing elasticity and expands itself. In simpler terms, the disease is characterized by progressive difficulty of the venous blood returning from the periphery of the extremities to the heart. Epidemiological data shows that this disease is too often overlooked or reduced to an aesthetic problem. In fact, it is common experience that from minor importance disorders, typical of the initial phase (pain, heaviness and night cramps), the disease evolves over time with far more dramatic consequences: skin ulceration, lipodermatosclerosis, thrombophlebitis until the ‘pulmonary embolism.Hence the importance to treat it promptly and properly. Today you can not only treat but also prevent the onset of this disease due to the benefits of elastic-graduated compression therapy: compressing the limb with a graduated pressure, maximum to ankle and decreasing as it goes down to the leg, it is possible reduce venous pressure, prevent venous stasis and give effective relief to aching and heavy legs. Among “elastic garments” legs manufacturers, stands the Swiss Sigvaris, which includes a series of countless successes to be always looking to the future. Founded in 1864 thanks to the talent and determination of Moritz Ganzoni-Straeuli and his business partner Niklaus Barthelts two years ago celebrated its 150th anniversary.The mission of this brilliant family company (almost reached the sixth generation) is the total customer satisfaction through the high-performance implementation and certified products, ideals for the prevention and treatment of venous disease symptoms. Nicola Cartaro, general manager of Sigvaris Italy, confirms us: “Hemodynamics extensive studies confirmed that the descending compression stockings help blood to back to the heart, thanks to the counter-differentiated pressure they exert along the leg”.

What are your strengths compared to the competition?
“Undoubtedly, the quality and variety of its products, technological innovation, continuous research of new models that meet every need and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which the company is projected, nearly all dynamic with considerable potential growth, among which, over 50 years, the Italian one where the brand is well known”.Sigvaris always operates worldwide with its commercial and overseas production offices which supply approximately 70 countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Brazil, USA, Germany, Austria, England, Canada, China, Australia and Mexico). The numbers, moreover, confirm the leadership of this solid and dynamic company in almost all major markets: 14 branches, 1,500 employees and an annual production of eight million pairs of socks. A wide range of products offered in the various lines: Medical, Well Being and Sport, through which Sigvaris now is able to conquer an increasingly demanding and attentive to new trends. “Among our best products stands out HIGHLIGHT fits slight compression that, strong of a delicate and fine workmanship transparency, manages to give every woman an exquisitely elegant appearance, as well as ensuring, with its subsidiary action, vitality and well-being legs all day. “The great work of research of yarns and high-grade materials, the continuous technological innovation and constant quality control of finished products have led the Swiss company to revolutionize the concept of elastic stocking with the proposed graduated compression hosiery collections combine the well-being of the legs and effectiveness in the prevention of circulatory diseases with the elegance, the softness and the perfect fit of refined and sophisticated clothing in the wide range of models, designs and colors. Nicola Cartaro now sets a new challenge: to convince a growing number of people who make a constant practice to prevent disorders caused by venous stasis by wearing items that help maintain the health and beauty of your legs. Today, thanks to Sigvaris, prevention can be happily lived as aesthetic pleasure in perfect Swiss style.(

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