T-Mobile Stages Massive Android Phones Sale: Galaxy S7 Edge $419 Off

While Verizon is trying to draw attention to the speed of its service with an announcement that its 5G network is already getting tested in the 11 cities, T-Mobile chose a different path.

It announced a blowout sale that has the price tags of three of the best Android phones to date plummeting to unbeatable levels. This should be the case unless rivals begin joining the fray, consistent with the ongoing price war among the leading U.S. carriers.

High-End Android Handset Discount

The announced handsets covered include the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and the LG V20. All these devices are now being offered for $15 per month on a two-year installment. If you head to retailers such as Amazon, these devices are normally being sold for around $700. For example, the S7 edge costs $779, so if you calculate T-Mobile’s latest pricing scheme, you will only pay a measly $360 in total price, saving you $419. That figure is more than half of the original price.

The LG V20 discount is roughly the same, as it retails for $769. If you are eyeballing the S7, especially for its smaller footprint, you will still save around $313.

Inventory Cleaning?

You might say that the Galaxy S7 sale is being offered by T-Mobile to clean its inventory and that the device is already ancient, having been released last March 2016. However, it still remains one of the best Android phones in the market, and there are only few handsets that could top it in terms of performance. For a fraction of a price, you will be able to experience some technologies that are similar to the upcoming Galaxy S8. For example, the new flagship is rumored to be packing a battery with the same capacity. Once both devices got software parity, they could even feel the same.

The LG V20, on the other hand, is a different story. The handset was only made available in the United States last November, so it is still considered fresh. You could say that the LG G6 is likely going to be announced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress, but they belong to different ranges. So this is probably not a case of inventory cleaning especially since V20’s successor should debut in the latter part of 2017.


source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/198788/20170222/t-mobile-stages-massive-android-phones-sale-galaxy-s7-s7-edge-419-off.htm#sthash.dWkDf9Wr.dpuf

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