After Italy, other 28 years of study and teaching in famous USA universities such as Tufts, Harvard, UConn, University of Maryland and other. Active in many Professional Organizations, Prof. Lino Calvani travels often.

Q- Professor until recently you were the International Director of ACP, American College of Prosthodontists, the largest organization in the world of Dental Medicine and Reconstructive Prosthetic, now they ask you to run for the Vice-Presidency, the first no-American to be all time.
A- It means responsibility for many important duties, and the honor of a privilege.

Q- What does Prosthodontist mean?
A- Prosthodontist, a degree that, unfortunately like many others in Italy, does not yet exist. Created in 1947, since then it attracts in 52 USA Dental University many international students, who after three years of post-graduate advanced studies become excellent professionals in rebuilding and improving mastication, aesthetics and smile. It is a demanding,  hi-tech and complete profession, to the service of those need it. After 70 years, it would be right to have it here in Italy.

Q- There are differences between Europe/Italy and the rest of the world on the concept of Science and Progress? A- Not in terms of quality, but quantity, because will and money investment serve. Progress and Future are two closely related words, Walt Disney used to say: “… if you can imagine it, you can do it!”. For nearly half a century, Physics and Science, supported by supercomputers and extraordinary technologies, explain the magnificent reality of nature and the cosmos. Crafts, arts, professions, Philosophy and Religions, suffer the immense pressure of certain, convincing and undeniable evidences, that do not give space to those who oppose it. Born professions, other change or disappear.Q- As International Director ACP you have many international expertise in the field of Medical Research. What do you think about this?
A- In search spearheads exist everywhere who thinks extraordinary things. Linked to the economy and skill, in Italy is almost stalled for years for ridiculous funding and for a “meritocracy”. Result: many excellent Italian brains emigrate, others suffer without solution.Elsewhere, Professor Parviz of the Washington University is working on contact lenses equipped with LCD microvisori and miniaturized nano-chips that can be connected to the Internet, with unimaginable medical functions. They are activated and change vision blinked, and sharp images appear in front of the eyes to a perceived distance of thirty centimeters. They will monitor blood sugar in diabetics, showing values. Connected to nano-sensors in the blood or subcutaneously, they will control in real-time the health, including onset of possible tumors. This is because the chips are on track to size of the quantum level, atomic, but there, you know well, you stop. The order of 10 nanometers, 8,000 times smaller than a human hair, are going to be used everywhere, even in the living cell environments.

Instruments long meters, now are reduced to centimeters, for example, certain MRI larger models as a handheld device to pass on the body, as in the StarTrek movie.
It is possible build Singularity, Super-AIs far beyond human possibility. Darmendra Modha, of the Laurence Livermore National Laboratory, California, working on Sequoia, a powerful computer “neuromorphic”, brain copy. He knows well that intelligence is not a mere computation calculation, rather the spark of a soul who made unique the man. Is this fiction? No, just beautiful evolving Science! We will work and live better and longer, if it is used for right purposes.


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