Obesity alarm

“For about 27 years I have fought in vain against overweight, a terrible health enemy that does not forgive mistakes with dangerous and ineffective do-it-yourself cures, with forced fasting, with useless products bought online that never gave desired results. Then suddenly the awareness I needed: when they told me that I was at high risk of mortality due to my excessive weight and the only solution to my problem was acute obesity surgery, although terrified, I decided to seriously face my problem, by a specialist. The recourse to an expert is essential, not only in the operating phase but also in the next one: a rapid and substantial weight loss as well (in my case we are talking about 40 pounds in one year) requires adequate dietician and psychological support.
I consulted several structures before opting for the hospital Fatebenefratelli San Pietro in Rome, where they work with innovative, minimally invasive techniques. Immediately I contacted the Head of the General Surgery and Emergency, Dr. Vita Simone, who after clinically evaluated the feasibility, performed the delicate operation with the support of his team”. Like Loredana, many patients suffering from severe and chronic diseases related to obesity turn to the hospital Fatebenefratelli San Pietro in Rome, the national focal point for obesity surgery, highly advanced structure in the treatment of this serious disease. A disease which, according to the World Health Organization, is a major public worldwide health problem. Dr. Simone Vita explains: “The excessive accumulation of fat is in fact responsible for the development of numerous diseases which are grouped under the name of the metabolic syndrome: diabetes type 2, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Other diseases which are often associated with obesity are sleep apnea syndrome, the osteoarthropathies, the depressive syndrome and daily habits disability”.”These comorbidities related to obesity, which unfortunately only subside with the reduction of body weight, drastically reduce the expectancy patients life. To date there are no effective medical therapies, because they have temporary and not long-lasting effects. Only surgery, which reached a very high technical and quality standards, can really be decisive”. At the general surgery and emergency department of the Fatebenefratelli San Pietro in Rome hospital, an excellence in NHS landscape, Dr. Simone Vita performs minimally invasive technique with all the most common bariatric surgery.
“The most performed are definitely the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric by pass. Only in Italy are approximately 1.5 million patients who could benefit from the significant weight loss induced by surgery, with a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality of obesity and its related diseases, and with a significant improvement in quality of life. The modern surgical techniques that we practice in the structure that I run let you get great results even in patients with high obesity”. To stem such a complex disease, bariatric surgery appears to be the most appropriate course of care. Numerous data confirm its safety and efficacy: “Complications may be the same as any other surgery, but in recent years biotechnology has reached several milestones that enable us to operate more securely, so as to clear the morbidity postoperative”.
But also because the use of this surgery has its limits relating to patient age, the wisest choice is always of the adoption of healthy and balanced lifestyle, so as to prevent the onset of a disease that only in Italy it has 17 million overweight individuals, and about 6 million obese patients.

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