Varicose veins sclerotherapy guided mousse

Chronic venous disease is a disorder that affects the blood circulation of the body and occurs when the veins stop working properly, gradually losing elasticity. Today it is possible to cure this disease with innovative mousse guided sclerotherapy procedures, as confirmed by Dr. Elia Diaco, Master in Angiology and Vascular Medicine at the St. Anna Hospital in Catanzaro, the Biocontrol of Cosenza, the Radiological Center of Crotone Family, the Parioli Medical center of Rome and the Fisiomedica center of Catania.
Beyond the traditional treatments, do innovative therapies exist to treat chronic venous disease?
Development by researchers at London Imperial College, and successfully tested in France, the “guided sclerotherapy mousse” has effectively replaced the traditional treatments. This innovative technique allows to inject through a small needle, the foam in a blood vessel to obliterate. The maximum size can be 15-18cm, with ultrasound guidance. The mousse injected lifeless, in a few seconds and painlessly and irreversible, all varicose and incontinent structures.
What are the advantages of this technique?
The ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis, without practicing surgical wounds, but only by making a small puncture of minimum diameter. It does not require any form of anesthesia and has no significant contraindications.
Injecting a sclerosing solution into the vein and causing a chemical phlebitis, are there risks of causing an emboli or have phlebitis larger?
Absolutely not. The harmful action of the sclerosing solution is limited to the vein wall at the injection site. At a short distance from the point subjected to sclerosis the compound is so diluted as to be harmless. In conclusion, for the relative simplicity, the absence of real contraindications also in the case of elderly or debilitated patients, the cost and the possible repetition, echoguided mousse sclerotherapy, in parity with the efficacy of other more costly and invasive techniques endovascular obliteration (EVLT and VNUS), arises as first choice technique. (

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