Giustino Fortunato Studies of Benevento University

Giustino Fortunato Studies of Benevento University is a telematic university, not state, which had the ministerial legal recognition with DM 13 April 2006. Entitled in name of Giustino Fortunato, one of the largest southerners in the early decades of the twentieth century, the university provides its services with online mode through the e-learning teaching model. Through telematics teaching, distributed with modern digital media, the University drives the growth, personal and academic, of each student, thus promoting the development of knowledge and individual skills and, subsequent, understanding phenomena and social structures. At the summit of the University there is a distinguished member of the Academic world, the Magnificent Rector Prof. Augusto Fantozzi, professor of tax law firm and again Minister of the Italian Republic, to which we asked to illustrate the characteristics of the young University. ” Giustino Fortunato University is a modern” University of the Third Millennium “which guarantees to every student a didactic offer valuable thanks to the professionalism of a highly qualified teaching staff, daily engaged in the education of future citizens of an increasingly interconnected world. With dedication, professionalism and high sense of duty, the faculty leads students to their academic path, through telematic lessons often supplemented with lectures. Thanks to sustained high investment, pursues the delicate objective of preparing their students fully realizing their aspirations, guiding the transformation in individuals ready to win the professional and personal challenges they will face.An entirety of purpose pursued with the acquisition of an educational background, starting from the individual capabilities, and through specific skills, is consolidated with the appropriation of an innovative knowledge, promoted through the e-learning perspective”.

You can illustrate us the Unifortunato training offer.
“It is organized on three degree courses, individual courses, training, professional development, continuing education and I and II level Master. Among the traditional courses are those in Law and Economics and Business; among the most innovative there is that in Science and the Air Transport technologies, aimed to train graduates able to operate in the airport and aviation services sector. An area, the latter, in strong development and growing. However, this sector lives a serious shortage of staff with university education. The Unifortunato teaching model puts the student at the center of all activity, even with custom training, without ever sacrificing the scientific rigor of the teachings and making full use of the flexibility of innovative methods that, thanks to the network and the Web, and the consequent reduction of barriers of space and time, enables high interactivity between teachers and students. More. The University of Benevento pays great attention to the constant monitoring and updating of their courses in order to adapt them to the changing world of work which they are intended their students “. The institutional center location in the heart of Sannio offers a historical and cultural frame of great depth, capable of attracting a large number of students and researchers, to whom it offers a personal experience and current social living. The location, the history, and above all the goals that the university arises, provide the context and the best dynamic to ensure that all its players – involved in an integrated and proactive manner in University activities – can live a life transforming experience, aware that they have acquired over the years highly prestigious university experience. (

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