Studio Carleo Investigazioni: 25 years of excellence recognized

The private investigator is a professional with a cultural background that searches and collects information for third parties. Today an increasing number of people takes advantage of this important professional figure, to collect evidence to put forward, as a precautionary measure, in court. The private, corporate or insurance investigation, must respect  for various provisions of the law, not at least privacy law, that requires a special prefectural license: therefore professionalism plays an important role. Among the industry stands out Carleo Investigazioni of Naples.
It was born 25 years ago and consists of a staff of several professionals. This establishment has specialized in the field of insurance investigations. Renato Carleo, owner of the studio, explains:”Our goal was to create a team of highly qualified experts able to perform with professionalism and seriousness, the most complex investigations”.
What is the studio specialization?
“In insurance fraud: we see that the claims for damages are real. But our expertise ranges from the insurance industry to the commercial and business. As for business customers, the activities are aimed at companies who doubt the loyalty of their employees. So we carry out investigations to verify the transparency of the shareholders, to prevent or identify perpetrators of fraud, to establish unfair competition and industrial espionage”.
And for individuals?
“When the investigations are concentrated in the private sector, to the professional may be required to work on different types of situations. Often it is about infidelity investigations, or checks on minors or search for missing persons.
But our investigations go beyond, until the identification of offenders and perpetrators of wrongdoing likely to undermine the daily happiness of typical Italian family”. The experience, professionalism and knowledge of the area make Studio Carleo an excellence in Campania investigative landscape, as evidenced by the police certificates, of which the study was a privileged partner in many operations of national importance.

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