Massimiliano Campanile toasts to its long success history

How far he had to travel to reach the height of success. A road not always easy, often arduous, tiring and not tailored to his expectations. Nevertheless Massimiliano Campanile has always followed his own path without ever turning back: bend after bend, despite the difficulties, he tried to realize his dreams and to pursue his ideas, in spite of everything and everyone. And along this arduous path he has managed to win the most important challenge of his life: to learn to give value to his feelings without hesitation or fear.

“When I was young and I did not dare bring forth to the world my homosexuality for fear and shame, I have often heard a dry and fragile twig in the wind and weather. More and twig out of place, not up to the other branches of the tree, which every day became more robust and thriving. But, despite the bad weather and the fragility, I was strong. One day suddenly I became aware of my inner strength. That day I chose to be not longer afraid. I stopped wanting to save face at all costs and I began to live truly. Free from those constraints and prejudices that for too long had stifled my life. And so, irradiated by a new light, the dry branch and fragile began to sprout”.

The satisfactions in the professional field have not been slow in coming. Massimiliano Campanile is one of the greatest hairstylists of Italy. Its halls are the only ones to claim the Coppola brand, which is the only referent for the region. His professionalism has touched the most beautiful cities of fashion; his hands have molded the heads of hundreds of women, all fascinated by the creativity of this great master. A great professional and profound person. This is the combination that allowed him to ride the wave of success. But despite the fame and notoriety, Massimiliano has remained an essentially simple man deeply attached to its roots. Loved and appreciated by everyone, from customers, and from fans and especially from his collaborators, first of all his photographer Antonio Aragona, he wanted to drink with the people dearest to him. A successes toast because “when something good happens in life we ​​must always celebrate. A special toast especially dedicated to that child, then become a great man, who over the years has carried out with honor his ideas, realizing his dreams”. A cheerful and convivial meeting made even more enjoyable by the magic of a wonderful table, the result of the extraordinary professionalism of Massimo and Rosaria that in Naples, in Via Dei Mille, with their “FLOVER” atelier transformed floral arrangements in a real art. The end of the year is also the time of financial statements and that of Massimiliano is certainly positive.

“During suffering and loneliness years I have always clung to a dream that gave me the strength to go forward: telling my story, because it was an example and a stimulus for those who still continue to live in the shadows. My sincerest wish is that everyone in the new year, can find the inner strength to express themselves overcoming all obstacles and barriers. This is my story, the story of a suburban, small and afraid boy, who was looking for his place in the world and thanks to a strong determination he managed to achieve his wildest dreams. Now it’s up to you to tell your story and plot your destiny. I just have to thank all the wonderful people that shared with me this path. Thank all those who believed in me: best wishes to all”.


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