Academy Permanent Make-up

Do you want a perfect makeup, from morning to night, day after day, year after year? The solution today is at hand: more and more women decide, in fact, for the permanent makeup for a practical and aesthetic necessity. The only imperative, however, is to turn to expert hands, to ensure the achievement of satisfactory results and reduce the risk of any contraindications. We met an industry master, Raffaele Gargiulo, owner of the prestigious Academy Permanent Make-up of S. Giorgio a Cremano (Na), which we asked to speak about the micro pigmentation technique. “This is a required aesthetics discipline, which provides the introduction of specific pigments in the skin with the aim of balancing, beautify and harmonize certain features of the face and/or body. The process involves the use of a minimum size device, able to make small holes subcutaneously, with rapidity and without particular pain.
What is the difference between the tattoo and permanent makeup?
“The treatment is different for the techniques application, the pigmentation and the duration of the pigment composition. Permanent makeup is less invasive. The colors used are exclusively natural, tested and certified according to European standards. The make-up time is also limited in time”.
What are the possible treatments? “Permanent makeup is generally applied in the beauty industry to correct imperfections or asymmetries of the face, especially to define eyebrows shape, eyes and lips. However, the fields of application also are used in the para-medical sphere: micro pigmentation can be a complementary treatment to surgery for the definition of mammary areola after reconstruction, for the camouflage of scars or for scalp post- transplant”.
Today you have decided to devote much vocational training, why?
“Over time I understand to have a particular predisposition to teaching. So I decided to become an important point of reference for those who want to succeed in an industry where, for the competition, the professionalism and expertise request is increasingly. Our courses are designed both for beginners who look out for the first time at the micro pigmentation world and to experts who wish to increase their know-how”.
Everybody, thank to Academy Permanet Mak-up, may have a chance of success.

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