Basic Logistica

Logistics is the set of organizational, managerial and strategic activities in a company, that manage the flows of materials, from the acquisition of the same from suppliers to delivery of finished products to customers. Today, many companies prefer to entrust the management of this sensitive area to highly specialized companies, with trained staff and professional. Basic Logistica since 2006 handles brilliantly and efficiently all stages of the distribution process by coordinating, in intergrated way, all the activities about the demand management, inventory management, procurement and subsequent physical distribution of products in stock. With its dynamic and efficient organization, Basic Logistica is able to satisfy every type of customers request who base their business on the distribution of products.
Client companies advantages are different: Basic Logistica, in fact, taken the responsibility to the multiple and complex services that require the products and managing physically, for third account, the goods from entrance to exit, contributes strategically to increase the company profitability commission. Entrepreneurs will then have the privilege to focus exclusively on its core business, neglecting the delicate phases of taking charge of the goods, the accommodation in warehouse, the packaging and final delivery.
Basic Logistica has an organized warehouse of approximately 4000 square meters able to better manage the flow of goods, from storage to the sorting. The warehouse is fully computerized to ensure efficient operation and real-time control of all the reception activities, storage and inventory management. Modern logistics services are ensured by the high professionalism and experience gained by all staff coordinated by Bosnian skilled director, Basic Amer, arrived in Italy in 1993 with the prospect of creating a leading company in the field of logistics . Dream come true today.


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