Simple as innovation is Neperia Group, Consulting and IT services, leitmotiv because for  the “neperiani” the innovation must be simple. A leitmotiv that reigns in each of the locations company: Rome, Dubrovnik and Milan, where are designed customized solutions for the customer through On-shore and Near-shore services. Neperia Group clients operate in banking, insurance, finance, supply chain, Pa and automotive sectors.

Neperia Group flagships are Sea Manager products, powerful software analyzer for porting/re-engineering of applications and KPS, knowledge management portal to easily refer to the technical/functional information extracted from the Sea Manager software analyzed. Sea Manager and KPS allow Neperia Group to deliver the following services: rebuilding knowledge, AM (Assistance & Maintenance), technical functional insourcing, transfer services knowledge, gap analysis & impact analysis and modernization and transformation application. Everything is expressed in the company’s mission: to be supporting of customers change, through “the practice of knowledge.”In a world where the business processes and the underlying application solutions undergo continuous updates often dictated by innovation “digital”, is increasingly central the technological modernization theme that inevitably introduces two factors of attention: 1. The depth knowledge of existing software applications2. The modernization of technological complexity. Neperia Group KPS product is the mitigating risk “factor” of the first point, while the Sea Product Manager is the technological modernization facilitating “factor” of the second point, with a particular focus for legacy systems.We have collected some testimonials on the work of the company. According to Stefano Piccaluga, A.D. of Cefetra S.P.A..: “the technical competence and professionalism are the main strengths of this reality, as well as attention to the customer.”Fabio Papini, Partener KPMG Advisory Italy says: “Their main strength is to have soft skills. They are a very prepared team able to propose solutions to 360 degrees, with extraordinary attention to the customer. “And finally for Francesco Iannaccone, A.U. of Neperia Group: “our own peculiarities, compared to other companies that do re-documentation and application migration, is to propose a complete offer in terms of proprietary and typical solutions expertise of a System Integrator, embodied in a competitive advantage for our customers “.



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