Grantham Journal letter: ‘In the hands of clueless voters’

With the future of Britain coming up with the EU referendum, just how many people you talk to know what it’s all about or can be bothered to find out?

Most people are saying I haven’t got a clue what we are supposed to do, and the information leaflets arriving through letter boxes are just being treated as junk mail and chucked out without even a glance.

When you try to tell them it’s all about their future all you get is I don’t understand it. A Sunday paper recently did a survey and found that a number of students didn’t even know when the referendum was or that this is the future government of this country. God help us.

No one seems to understand the full implications of it all. Most are just guessing the future, but you could look at the past when Britain joined what was then the common market but has progressed, without the public’s say, to be controlled from Brussels. Now do you believe this is a good thing for you or do we want to control things ourselves? We should sit down and try to sort out what is bluster and what might be true. I look at it like setting yourself up in business. You are not sure you are doing the right thing but if you don’t do it how are you going to improve yourself?

I want my children to have some control of their lives, not some faceless unelected bureaucrat. So if you can’t be bothered to do your homework, don’t complain in a year or so’s time this is not what I wanted.


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