It is not “a” dress, but the dress par excellence. The wedding dress is a dream for all women.
The outfit of the “yes” day is the most dreamed, desired, longed. Is it the reason why the dress choice often takes months? Ending tours in the ateliers, test after test, endless attempts. The choice is like a boyfriend or a future husband research: falling in love at first glance. But there are situations where a woman falls to a thousand doubts and constantly changes idea. Regret herself. In this case, a tailor-made wedding dress atelier can surely help. At Dugenta (Bn), there is a place ready to welcome all brides who want special, unique and personalized dresses. The wedding atelier Formichella ( creates men and women wedding dress from three generations. Each model combines the Italian tailoring tradition with high performing tecniques. Precious materials, care and attention to details. The classic lines, which never disappoint, are linked to the concept of romance. The man style recalls magnetism, sensuality and safety in haute couture dresses. We spoke with Paola Di Caprio, creative director and wife of Giannicola Formichella, the owner.

The advice to give to a bride who is looking for the dream dress.
(Di Caprio) According to wedding traditions, all the tones of the ceremony, the details and decorations, depend largely on the wedding dress. The moment of choice is the beginning of a fairy tale, a moment the bride has to live intensely and to share with the most important people of her life: the mother, the sister, the mother-in-law, the best friend. In order to make this moment memorable, it is important not to involve the wrong people, those who could give advices according to their tastes. We love to create the dress together with the customer, starting from our models or inventing new lines. We customize every detail, from the choice of materials, laces, colors, lengths, design details: large, smooth, mermaid style… every time we come to amazing, unique and completely new results, customized to fit like a glove.

Who is your wife?
(Di Caprio) The Princess of the fairy tale and we work to make her the most important in her best day. We respect and interpret the tastes, turning them into beautiful clothes. We take account of the traits to highlight and those to hide, to make the bride elegant and ease.
(Formichella) The best help we can give is about communication. Before starting, we talk with the bride about the style, starting with a model she prefers and then build together the final one.

Any suggestions to avoid slip-style…
(Di Caprio) It can be a good starting point to be aware of the own physical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses: often, a bride falls in love with a dress, not considering if it enhances her body. The same is for the color and the context: in all choices, a woman has always to take into account the subject of marriage, her age, the season, the location, whether it is a formal event or not, whether it is the first or the second marriage … Finally, it is essential to be themselves, but more beautiful!

Sartorial quality and tradition at the right price

Edited by Raffaella Maffei, Key Media Italy

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