The cars of Justice: Batman and friends’ rides

What does god need with a starship, or for that matter, a sports car? Superman, the god figure of the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, of course has no need for a motorized conveyance. (He rode a bicycle in the last movie, though.) But as the human in the story, Bruce Wayne certainly needs a good car. And not just because, as not one but two previous Batman movies stressed, chicks dig the car.

Let’s start with the Batmobile. A Batman movie certainly wouldn’t be complete without one. For Batman v Superman, production designer Patrick Tatopoulus took five months to build two working vehicles. Even if it looks sleeker and more agile than the Tumbler Batmobile in the Dark Knight series, the armored Batmobile is still extremely wide. It needed suitably big tires, which were sourced from Israeli farm trucks. Director Zack Synder is proud of the Batmobile having purpose-built Batman equipment combined with practical driving capability.

The Christian Bale-era Bruce Wayne was partial to Lamborghinis for his civilian side, but the Ben Affleck Wayne prefers a Jeep Renegade—mainly because it’s a product placement. Still, the Renegade, in matt black, of course, does a fine job of driving through a devastated Metropolis. It’s a dead-ringer for the special-edition Dawn of Justice Jeep Renegade.

For more formal functions, he digs a little deeper into his garage. This is where he parks his classic Aston Martin DB Mark III. The DB Mark III is the first Aston Martin to feature the distinctive grille forever belonging to the brand (sorry, Ford). With a 162-hp inline-six engine, the DB Mark III would be much slower than the Batmobile, but suitable for when Wayne has to play James Bond. Speaking of James Bond, the superspy drove it in the Goldfinger novel. The movie version, filmed five years later, had him switch to the new DB5 model.

For genius, billionaire, non-playboy, philanthropist and megalomaniac Lex Luthor, what better car to drive than a Rolls-Royce? The big, brash vehicle brings him everywhere, from top-secret laboratory to seedy neighborhoods. As he evidently enjoys driving his own car, the Rolls of choice is a Wraith coupe, in pristine white to match his style.

Everyone’s favorite Amazonian is not immune to the charms of a proper sports car, it seems. Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, is seen slipping into what is probably a Lotus Evora in one scene. And no, it’s not invisible. No doubt she and Bruce could trade notes on their automotive preferences. Even goddesses need cars now and then.

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